6 tech trends in digital signage to look for in 2014


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The digital signage industry continues to evolve at a rapid pace as new technologies emerge. There are a number of new tech trends in digital signage that will soon become the norm. From more cost-effective solutions to more elaborate uses like increasingly intimate signage, simplified designs, and mobile integration, there are a number of key technology trends to keep an eye on heading into 2014.

6 Tech Trends in Digital Signage

Here are some of the emerging tech trends in digital signage to look for in the coming year:

Smaller and more intimate signage: while large video walls are being used more frequently, there is also a trend toward the use of smaller and more intimate displays to engage users. With an increasing number of people using tablets and touch screen technology on a regular basis, many retail establishments are taking advantage of this by providing smaller touch screen signage in opportune places in their stores. This creates a more intimate experience in which customers will be more likely to interact and engage with the signage. These smaller units are being used to capture emails, enter contests, gain access to exclusive promotions, encourage couponing, and collect feedback about customer experience.

More cost-effective solutions: as the digital signage industry hits its stride, expect to see costs fall and more companies investing in these products. Companies are looking for more cost-effective ways to operate and developers are identifying simpler and more economical ways to develop digital signage technology. That means lower priced hardware and software options such as USB sticks and small media players are replacing expensive hardware options.

Ultra HD Displays: ultra HD has taken over from 1080p HD as the new standard. There is a lot of buzz about this technology and the digital signage industry appears to be at the forefront of adopting it. Naturally, cost and rate of adoption will play a role in how quickly it becomes the standard for digital signage.

Mobile integration: with mobile technology becoming a focal point, businesses will need to factor in mobile integration into their strategy for using digital signage. Mobile devices will be looked at as an extension of mobile signage, allowing users to interact with digital signs through their devices to enter contests, complete  purchases, and perform other desired actions.

Simpler interfaces: simplicity of use is essential for digital signage going forward. It is important to create interfaces that are not only interactive, but also simple to use. If it is not apparently obvious what a customer is supposed to do and how to interact with the technology, you will risk losing the customer since they will disengage.

A shift to cloud-based solutions: many experts within the industry are predicting that there will be a shift toward the use of cloud-based solutions to support digital signage.

Expect headway to be made with these tech trends in digital signage in 2014. This new technology will help to engage digital signage experiences and create new ways for businesses to interact with and engage their customers.






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